Is there a way for selenium to create something along these lines:

verifyXpathCount     //div[@class='display']/table/tbody/tr      <=10

i.e. I want to verify that table contains less or equal 10 <tr> items inside body of specified table.
Or is this beyond the scope of Selenium IDE (version 1.5)?

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Here it is:

storeXpathCount  |   [your xpath]                     |   myCount
verifyEval       |   ${myCount} <= 10 ? true : false  |   true

Basically you are storing the number of elements found by the xpath expression to myCount and then you can check that an arbitrary expression using that number evaluates to true (in this case we are checking that the number is less than 10).

  • Seems to be the thing I was looking for. Thougha subquestion what kind of language is the ${myCount} <= 10 ? true : false? Looks like Java or JSP to me. Is there a definition of it on site that I missed? Jan 16, 2012 at 8:06
  • it is javascript. The command verifyEval means it will verify that the result of the javascript command equals the expected value. So the line is a ternay operator: [condition] ? [result if true] : [result if false] Jan 16, 2012 at 20:18

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