I'd like obtain the Conversation ID (which is in the header of a message).

I would assume that in the outlook library it is in the MailItem class and the ConversationID member. I am just at a loss on how to obtain that from either a selected email, an open email, or as an event when NewMail event fires off.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!!


This example will display the conversation ID in a message box:

Sub GetConvID()

Dim obj As Object
Dim msg As Outlook.mailItem

Set obj = GetCurrentItem

If TypeName(obj) = "MailItem" Then
  Set msg = obj
  MsgBox msg.ConversationID
End If

End Sub

Function GetCurrentItem() As Object
' returns reference to current item, either the one
' selected (Explorer), or the one currently open (Inspector)

  Select Case True
  Case IsExplorer(Application.ActiveWindow)
    Set GetCurrentItem = ActiveExplorer.Selection.item(1)
  Case IsInspector(Application.ActiveWindow)
    Set GetCurrentItem = ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
  End Select

End Function
Function IsExplorer(itm As Object) As Boolean
  IsExplorer = (TypeName(itm) = "Explorer")
End Function
Function IsInspector(itm As Object) As Boolean
  IsInspector = (TypeName(itm) = "Inspector")
End Function

Regarding the NewMail Event:

The NewMail event is useful for scenarios in which you want to be notified when a new e-mail message arrives. If you want to process items that arrive in the Inbox, consider using the ItemAdd event on the collection of items in the Inbox. The ItemAdd event passes a reference to each item that is added to a folder.

To get a reference to the selected email in this event, use ActiveExplorer.Selection.item(1). To get a reference to an open email, use ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.

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