I have a datagrid that contains data that retrived from a database, and the datagrid displays data in the same format as in the database.

One of the columns is DateFrom which is the column I would like to sort. Dateform stored in the database as Varchar, therefore is sorted alphabetically,for example 2/2004, 2/2008, 4/2003. I want to convert DatFrom to typ DateTime, and sort the values numerically before display in the datagrid.

Is there any way to do it?



  • What kind of database? – Andomar May 19 '09 at 22:30

I created a little demo table (test). Inserted some test dates and did a select query:

Create Table test(dt varchar(10))
Insert Into test(dt)
Select '2/2004'
Union Select '2/2008'
Union Select '4/2003'

Select *
From test
Order By Convert(datetime, '1/' + dt, 103)

Probably wrap the column to implement the IComparable interface so you can provide a custom sort, here is an example.


I think I understand what you're asking here. Let me know if I'm off base. I think the easiest way to fix this is in the select statement to get your data from the database, but it might not necessarily be the best method. Here's what I've come up with:

Since your "DateFrom" is in the format of "MM/yyyy", you won't be able to do a straight CAST() operation. The best way to get a valid DATETIME value, that I can think of, is to parse the current DateFrom column and treat all dates as the first of the month, then you can set a Format of "MM/yyyy" on the datagrid column, and it will still render properly. The CAST() statement could be something like this:


        + '/1/'
        + SUBSTRING(DateFrom, CHARINDEX('/',DateFrom) +1, 4) AS DATETIME) AS DateFrom

I know this isn't the most elegant method, but it should work as long as your date format is consistent. Good luck!


I am not sure if I understood your question. Nevertheless, what about to sort the rows on the SQL side with something like:

ORDER BY Substring(DateFrom, CHARINDEX('/', DateFrom) + 1, 4) 
         + Lpad(DateFrom, 7, '0');

It will change the original 2/1999 to 199902/1999 so that it can be compared as string. The part after the slash is there just because I did not want to crop the string since it is not needed.


ORDER BY Cast(int, 
              Substring(DateFrom, CHARINDEX('/', DateFrom) + 1, 4) 
       * 100 
       + Cast(int, 
              Substring(DateFrom, 1, CHARINDEX('/', DateFrom));

Thank you guys. I'll look into it. I have to drop this project for a while. I'll let you know if I could get it to work or not.

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