You can specify in your maven settings file that you want to run in offline mode, but is there an equivalent command line option?

I would imagine something like e.g.

mvn install -Dmaven.offline.true

Specify offline mode via -o/--offline:

mvn -o install

Maven book reference

  • and you can find that by mvn -h :) – ipolevoy Jun 29 '18 at 18:00

Maven's offline mode is invoked using mvn -o.

However, that alone may not be enough, because sometimes the current project refers to artifacts which are not yet present in the Maven local repository cache (~/.m2/repository). Attempting to build that project in offline mode will fail, because needed dependencies are missing and cannot be downloaded.

So there is another useful goal:

mvn dependency:go-offline

This is a great command to run before hopping on a plane, which will improve your chances of BUILD SUCCESS. See the go-offline documentation for details.


Just a simple:

mvn --offline

In the future, I recommend referring to mvn --help.


mvn -o works in most of cases but in some cases it will not enough as from Maven 3 a downloaded artifact from a remote/central repository creates a _remote.repositories file in your local repository with a reference about where the dependency was downloaded.
It may causes some issues if later you don't have access to this remote repository during your builds.
A workaround that may work is using mvn -o -llr yourGoal.

From the help documentation :

 -llr,--legacy-local-repository         Use Maven 2 Legacy Local
                                        Repository behaviour, ie no use of
                                        _remote.repositories. Can also be
                                        activated by using

 -o,--offline                           Work offline

Another way to execute mvn in an offline way is deleting these _remote.repositories meta data stored in the directory of the downloaded dependencies.


Try -o, or even --help to get help with all options

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