I want to block the dragging of a seekbar if a value is true. Is this even possible? I use a seekbar as a switch. If my seekbar value is 0, and I press the button action A started. If my seekbar value is 1 and I press the button action B is started.
I want to prevent that If action A or B is running the seekbar is dragged to another position.

How can I achieve this?


You should set your own onTouchListener and just return true.

seekBar.setOnTouchListener(new View.OnTouchListener() {
            public boolean onTouch(View view, MotionEvent motionEvent) {
                return true;
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    setEnabled(false) actually blur the seekbar as a whole. If we just want to disable touch, this is the perfect work around. – raksja Sep 27 '15 at 5:30
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    If you want to switch between blocking and unblocking the seekbar, just add a global boolean variable inside the onTouchListener, e.g.: ` if (globalbooleanvar) { return true} else {return false}` – Carlos Botero Aug 27 '18 at 2:58
  • not working to me – famfamfam May 10 at 11:52

Have you tried disabling the view?

Ref: http://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/View.html#setEnabled(boolean)



Ideally you shouldn't be doing this, as this is going to confuse the user. My suggestion is rethink your approach.

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    That means that the view is gone, thats not what I want. – Leandros Jan 15 '12 at 18:29
  • Wrong. It does NOT remove the view, it disables the view from being interacted with by the user. Read your documentation. – JoxTraex Jan 15 '12 at 18:31
  • Ah, Ok. Is will test it. Thanks! – Leandros Jan 15 '12 at 18:33
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    seekbar.setEnabled(true) or seekbar.setEnabled(false) dont work. It doesnt prevent that the seekbar is moved. – Leandros Jan 15 '12 at 19:07
  • mhh. Ok. Thanks. I think I will simple stop the action if the seekbar is switched. – Leandros Jan 15 '12 at 19:15

Set one class level variable

private boolean blockSeekBar = false;

after that set blockSeekBar variable as per your requirement and use in app.

seekBar.setOnTouchListener(new OnTouchListener() {
        public boolean onTouch(View view, MotionEvent motionEvent) {
            return blockSeekbar;

setEnabled(true/false) also choice but there view is not showing good so thats why above code is perfectly working.

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    I don't understand. Why setEnabled() is not a good option? For me it works fine. – Marco Altran May 19 '17 at 23:27
  • when you set setEnabled(true/false) then view shows some blur means its directly shown not click-able – Yogesh Rathi May 20 '17 at 4:09
int lastProgress=0;
  1. Keep track of the last progress when the Seekbar.OnSeekbarChangeListener is fired.

    private SeekBar.OnSeekBarChangeListener mOnSeekbarChangeListener = new 
    SeekBar.OnSeekBarChangeListener() {
    public void onProgressChanged(SeekBar seekbar, int progress, boolean fromUser) {
        if (fromUser) {
            if (true) {
            } else {
    public void onStartTrackingTouch(SeekBar seekBar) {
        lastProgress = seekBar.getProgress();
    public void onStopTrackingTouch(SeekBar seekBar) {
  • Not what OP asked for. – HB. Apr 21 '20 at 16:31

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