I have one WPF ListBox loaded using LINQ:

lbxCalculosSec.ItemsSource = from p in database.CALCULOS
                             orderby p.NOMBRECALCULO
                             select new { ID = p.IDCALCULO, NOMBRE = p.NOMBRECALCULO + " - " + p.DESCRIPCIONCALCULO };

lbxCalculosSec.DisplayMemberPath = "NOMBRE";
lbxCalculosSec.SelectedValuePath = "ID";

The listbox has multiselect = true. The problem is when I try to retrieve all the SelectedValue's (ID's) from SelectedItems List.

When I inspect one SelectedItem at runtime, the object type is "<>f__AnonymousType0`2"

I tried using this:

ItemPropertyInfo ID  = null;

lbxCalculosSec.SelectedItem.GetType().GetProperty("ID").GetValue(ID as ItemPropertyInfo, null)

But it didn't work.

I need a solution to access ListBox Selected Values (ID fields).

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind Regards.


GetValue expects the instance on which the property is defined, in this case it's the SelectedItem:

var item = lbxCalculosSec.SelectedItem;
ItemPropertyInfo ID  = (ItemPropertyInfo)item.GetType()
                                             .GetValue(item, null);

If ID is of some other type, like int, the code should be:

var item = lbxCalculosSec.SelectedItem;
int ID  = (int)item.GetType()
                   .GetValue(item, null);
  • This solution works with a little change. ID has to be int type, and not ItemPropertyInfo.
    – Quicker
    Jan 16 '12 at 8:55

GetValue is expecting source for value so you should use SelectedItem there, not some random value and definitely not null.

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