In a web application it would be ok if i declare the context of a entity framework model as static? it would be ok? its not recommended? why? Thanks!

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    damn I'm glad you asked this - I stumbled across it by accident – Calanus Jul 31 '09 at 11:58

Almost definitely not.

ObjectContexts get bigger and bigger as more Objects are queried / saved.

Also sharing an ObjectContext between threads, as you would be doing, is not recommended, because of the locking issues and undeterministic side-effects you would have to deal with.

I wrote a tip on this topic a while back.

Tip 18 - How to decide on a lifetime for your ObjectContext

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This answer sort of answers your question, so does this one. I certainly wouldn't consider having it as static!

Rick Strahl has an in depth article on the lifecycle management.


I had done this the first time I implemented the entity framework. The problem was that the whole application was getting "completed" events so I had to do a lot of code figuring out where the call came from.

I decided to refactor so each page would have an instance of the context. I like it much better now.

/my experience

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