This may be a basic question but I am using app engine in eclipse to develop a servlet and would like to debug my application as there is a line of code which is tripping my application somewhere and causing it to output nothing but a server error. I have tried debugging by right clicking and selecting Debug As -> Web Application and opening a browser to http://localhost:8888/ and selecting my servlet but when I do this I do not see eclipse indigo classic step through the servlet's lines of code. And I don't know where to find a log file with the offending output. Any tips on how to proceed with the app engine servlet debug process would be highly appreciated.


John Goche


Your application needs some configuration if you want to be able to run it locally. Open Properties > Deployment assembly of your project, and specify how its structure maps to the web app structure. Then starting a local tomcat in debug mode (with the app deployed there) should work fine (unless you use the Datastore)

  • Yes I use the datastore for persistence. Also I'm not sure why I would need to use Tomcat since I think there is already a servlet container called Jetty which is run by default. I do not see a File -> Properties -> Deployment assembly entry. – johngoche9999 Jan 16 '12 at 23:09
  • what plugins do you have? I don't have a jetty by default. – Bozho Jan 17 '12 at 7:16

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