I'm just starting to use R and I'm trying to make a scatter plot which has different colors based on different attributes. For example:

data.a = 1:5
data.b = 1:5
data.c = c("yes", "no", "yes", "maybe", "no")
plot(data.a, data.b)

I want to have a legend which is different colors for points which are "yes", "no", and "maybe" for data.c. I would also like points to be the colors in the legend.


To elaborate on @MYaseen208's answer: for the legend (given his code) you want something like:

legend("topleft", legend=levels(factor(data.c)), text.col=seq_along(levels(factor(data.c))))
  • I'd like to add that this can be applied to the shapes as well. legend("topleft", legend=levels(factor(data.c)), pch=20, col=seq_along(levels(factor(data.c)))) – Matt L. Nov 14 '16 at 14:48

This seems like a good case for ggplot2:

data_df <- data.frame(a = data.a, b = data.b, c = data.c)
ggplot(data_df, aes(a,b)) + geom_point(aes(color=c))

GGPlot2 plot of example data

  • Just a follow-up: How to match text color to dot color? "maybe" in red, "no" in green and "yes" in blue – Little Bee Apr 15 '16 at 17:32

Try this one

plot(data.a, data.b, col=factor(data.c))

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