I wanted to display a MessageBox which displays countdown from 10 to 1 and autocloses after 10 seconds. As Msgbox in vbscript passes code execution untill the user acts on it i tried it using Popup in Wscript Shell Object

Dim counter
Dim oShell
counter = 10
Set oShell= CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
While counter > 0

oShell.Popup " Left " & counter & " Seconds",1,"Remind"
counter = counter-1

But it auto-closes for every second and opens a new popup is there any way i can display the countdown and autoclose using the available GUI elements in vb script


Afraid not, the popup is modal & can't be interacted with while its displayed so there is no way to update its existing content.

If you want a more flexible UI you will need to use something different, the console or HTML in an HTA.


You can use Internet Explorer to create a non-modal display.

Set oIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

With oIE
    .Document.Title = "Countdown" & string(100, chrb(160))
End With

' wait for page to load
Do while oIE.Busy
    wscript.sleep 500

' prepare document body
oIE.document.body.innerHTML = "<div id=""countdown"" style=""font: 36pt sans-serif;text-align:center;""></div>"

' display the countdown
for i=10 to 0 step -1
    oIE.document.all.countdown.innerText= i
    wscript.sleep 1000

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