I have the following script to clean my Visual Studio 2010 solution directory:

@echo off
FOR /D /R %%X IN (debug,release,bin,obj,ipch) DO RD /S /Q "%%X"
del /S /F *.suo
del /S /F *.user 
del /S /F *.ncb
del /S /F *.sbr
del /S /F *.log
echo Solution clean.

It works like a charm exept for the suo files - they are hidden and this script doesn't delete them.

Could you help me upgrade the script to delete the suo file too?

Kindest regards, e.

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del /S /F /AH *.suo

the /AH switch (as specified in del /? turns on deletion of hidden files.

del /ah

deletes hidden files, but

del /a

deletes hidden and system and read-only files too.

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