Essentially what I'd like to do is play an entire album via AppleScript. Right now, you can use their special URIs to load the album, but not play it. You can also play a specific track, but once that finishes playing, your queue resumes what was playing before.

Spotify's scripting dictionary is somewhat thin, does anyone know if there are plans to increase its depth a bit?

  • I know that there are 3rd party libraries that allows you to stream music and maybe that's an option. It does require a premium license though. It also seems like they have their own library, but not sure how powerful it is. developer.spotify.com/en/libspotify/overview
    – eandersson
    Jan 17, 2012 at 20:53

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More recent versions of Spotify have added this to the dictionary. For example:

tell application "Spotify"
    play track "spotify:album:7ppypgQppMf3mkRbZxYIFM"
end tell

If you want to play/pause whatever was most recently playing you can use the following scripts. If you save each of them as Automator applications and you can run them from Spotlight or Alfred.


tell application "Spotify"
end tell


tell application "Spotify"
end tell

There's currently no way to do this with the current dictionary. We'd like to expand it in the future, but I'm not aware of any concrete plans to do so at the moment.

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