Can anyone give any insight to what Yahoo returns for this call?

The reference is t7 ticker trend.

When submitting a symbol for this function, yahoo responds with something similar to the following:

AAPL nbsp;==+-+==nbsp;

I have scoured the interwebs to find an explanation of this output, but have come up empty handed.

Anyone have any experience with this call?


AAPL - the stock ticker
  - a space placed at the beginning and the end of the trend
==+-+== - the ticker trend. It's made up of three components

= : the price paid is the same as before
+ : the price paid is greater than the trade before
- : the price paid is less than the trade before.

So say a stock trades at $1.00. The next trade is for $1.01 which is an increase and so the ticker trend would show +. The next two trades are at $1.01 so they would display as == since there was no change in price. The stock then trades at $1.00, then $.99, then $.98 so it would show ---. The complete ticker trend would show +==---

The usefulness of this is to show trends. If the stock shows +++++ then that's a pretty clear indication that people are lined up and each one is willing to pay more than the last. Something is probably going on with that stock. ===== would show that the market is very confident in the price of the stock. +==-+- would be a bit of a mixed bag, not giving any clear signal of what the market thinks of the stock.


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