I have a problem when trying to insert certain characters through query with parameters.

When I run the following query (no parameters involved), everything works fine.

string insertQuery = "insert into 'testschema'.texttypestestobject(columnshortstring,columnlongstring)values('¬','test')";
DB2Command myCommand = new DB2Command(insertQuery, conn);

However, if I run the query like the following, it fails.

string insertQuery = "insert into 'testschema'.texttypestestobject(columnshortstring,columnlongstring)values(@p0,@p1')";
DB2Command myCommand = new DB2Command(insertQuery, conn);
myCommand.Parameters.Add(new DB2Parameter("@p0", "¬"));
myCommand.Parameters.Add(new DB2Parameter("@p1", "test"));

The error is:

Executing Sql 'insert into 'testschema'.texttypestestobject(columnshortstring,columnlongstring)values(@p0,@p1)'
with parameters '{¬},{ test}' exception 'IBM.Data.DB2.DB2Exception (0x80004005):
ERROR [IX000] [IBM][IDS/NT64] Code-set conversion function failed due to illegal
sequence or invalid value.

Informix server 11.70 (64 bit) and Client SDK 3.50 is installed, and working properly. Database is created with en_US.utf8 or cs_CZ.8859-2.

One of the characters that fail is '¬' (Unicode 172).

Has anyone seen this error? What could be the cause? Is there some additional configuration that needs to be performed on the driver?


I got a response from ibm developer forum. This was a bug that was fixed with the latest fix pack.

It can be resolved by either installing the fix pack or setting the environment variable DB2CODEPAGE=1208


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