I am converting an existing Tiles 1 webapp to Tiles 2 architecture. I am having trouble passing values from JSP page to tiles attributes.

Here is my tiles definition file (tiles-definition.xml)


    <definition name="cda.layout" template="/jsp/layouts/layout.jsp">
        <put-attribute name="pageTitle" value="StoryTitle" type="string"/>
        <put-attribute name="pageHeader" value="StoryHeader" type="string"/>
        <put-attribute name="resources" value="" type="string"/>


The layout.jsp looks like:

    <title><tiles:insertAttribute name="pageTitle" flush="true"/></title> 


    <div class="content">
    <h1><tiles:insertAttribute name="pageHeader" flush="true"/></h1>


I have a story page which uses the layout and need to pass values to template attributes.

    // create a business object and populate
    String mytitle= story.getTitle();
    String myheader = story.getHeader();

<tiles:insertTemplate template="../layouts/layout.jsp"  flush="false" >
    <tiles:putAttribute name="pageTitle" value="${mytitle}"/>
    <tiles:putAttribute name="pageHeader"value="${myheader}"/>

In the story.jsp, I can System.out.print() the values for mytitle, myheader and they are showing correct. But, these values are NOT passed on to the tile attributes.

Any idea how to fix this?

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${mytitle} is a JSP EL expression which means: find an attribute in page scope, or request scope, or session scope, or application scope, named "mytitle".

By defining a scriptlet variable, you haven't defined an attribute in any of these scopes. It would work if you had

pageContext.setAttribute("mytitle", mytitle);

But using scriptlets in JSPs is bad practice. I don't know where your story bean comes from, but it's probably a request attribute. If so, you can define a new page-scope attribute this way, using the JSTL:

<c:set var="mytitle" value="${story.title}"/>

This is unnecessary though, since you could use this expression directly in the tiles tag:

<tiles:putAttribute name="pageTitle" value="${story.title}"/>

Read more about the JSP EL in this tutorial.

  • Thanks for your answer, I am using this solution but the issue is the output would be ${story.title} Title of the story. As you see ${story.title} will be considered as a variable and value. Although, I am just passing it from Java not JSP. Apr 16, 2015 at 7:05

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