At work, we (2 other developers and me) develop all of our code on a single internal machine (via network file sharing). This machine runs our development environment (NGINX, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Memcache, Gearman, etc), which is unruly to get installed on a non Linux environment.

We're getting a few more team members (one remote) and I am looking for a better way to manage a common development environment (our developers currently use Windows, Mac, and Linux).

How does your team create a common development platform? A few things I'm thinking about:

  • Same setup (a single machine where we write code), but make it external (maybe spin up a cloud server).
  • Force everyone to use Linux and replicate the environment on thier development machines.
  • Create a virtual machine that replicates the environment and develop inside a VM.

I'm curious what others are doing... Any thoughts on best practices?


In my experience, I've used virtual machines (VMWare) and it has worked pretty effectively in creating the same environment for large teams with many developers.

  • Assuming your team has somewhat non-archaic machines that can withstand their own load without virtual machines on top of them :D – Arman Bimatov Mar 25 '14 at 0:22

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