I have this feature (netwaver.com/projects/featured-content-gallery-pligg-module/) on my site but it is not working well with jQuery plugin. I was researching and reading online and it says it to change the "$".

But the "$" symbol is inside like: {$featurify} - how would that work? All the example I see is showing the $ symbol outside


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They likely mean to enable jQuery's no conflict mode.


The naming collision is because $ is a shortcut for jQuery. You need to call:


Then, once you do that, you need to assure you're calling jQuery without using the "$"

Many more options and discussion here: http://docs.jquery.com/Using_jQuery_with_Other_Libraries.

var j = $.noConflict();

Add jQuery library to load after the library causing the conflict. Then run this code. jQuery should be accessible through j now, like:


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