3 trees at school and after trying to find examples how to insert and build a 2-3 tree the answers that I found were different from what I learned. I want an 2-3 tree with m-1 like the following. I know the answer but I don't know how to build it. Can someone please show me how to build one using these elements which I got in this 2-3 and from where to begin


                            14 25        50_

     1 3_   14 17 _   25 27 30            45 _ _   50 57 _ 
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    Welcome to StackOverflow! What have you tried that didn't work? What language are you working in? – AlG Jan 20 '12 at 20:18
  • no im not implementing it using a programming language. What i want is that I have those elements listed in the tree and obtain that tree. I only know the result but I don't know how to implement it – user1152199 Jan 21 '12 at 8:32

2-3 tree can have different no of elements in a particular node. The possible number of children each node can have is 2 0r 3.

Now if the parent consists on on element and has 2 children like

                        /   \
                       (b)   (c)

Then ba which is what essentially happens in the case of a binary search tree. If the parent consists of 2 elements (a,b) and the children are q, w, e then qb and a

These are the conditions that have t be checked when you are inserting elements in a 2-3 tree. This will help you a lot. :)


There is an implementation of a 2 3 tree at Implementing a 2 3 Tree in C++.

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