I want to add action points to a page via a template. This requires that the page with the action points contains this code:

</includeonly>#AP1 blah</onlyinclude> ... blah blah blah <onlyinclude><includeonly>
</includeonly>#AP2 blah</onlyinclude>... blah

But I want this via a template, so that a user only has to add something like:

{{subst:Action point|<action>}}

using the template: {{Action point}}.

The problem is adding the </onlyinclude> to a page. I can add <onlyinclude> using:


I've tried adding hidden comments, using <noinclude> and <includeonly> but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas? The solution I'm looking for is where (as the above link explains) I can add text (meeting minutes) with action points on one page, and on another view only the action points.


This is a monstrous hack, but it works. You will need a recent version of MediaWiki that supports safesubst:.

  1. Create the page Template:Startinclude with the content <onlyinclude><onlyinclude></onlyinclude>.
  2. Create the page Template:Endinclude with the content </onlyinclude>.
  3. Create the page Template:Ap with this content:

And now {{subst:Ap}} expands to this:


For a live demo, enter {{subst:User:Jpatokal/Ap}} on any Wikipedia page, it uses this template.

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    Great, it works! Here's a link to safesubst. (I need to wait until I can award the bounty...) – Wikis Jan 23 '12 at 7:11

Wouldn't &lt;onlyinclude> and &lt;/onlyinclude> work just as well as <onlyinclude><onlyinclude></onlyinclude> and </only<noinclude></noinclude>include>?

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