I have a series of text inputs in a form field. The idea is that the user will enter something, then tab to the next field and enter more stuff.

I have a .change function set up with jquery to run ajax when they change a field. I used change instead of focusout or blur so that the ajax's wouldn't be triggered if there wasn't a change.

Anyway, for the last field, I have a blur statement when they tab off the last field to prompt them to so something (move on to another page).

Everything works good in IE and Firefox, but Safari is giving me problems. For the last field, it is triggering the blur and then moving off the page (after the user confirms) BEFORE running the ajax associated with the .change event. The ajax never gets run and the last field isn't saved (in safari only - firefox and IE save it AND do the prompt from the blur).

I've tried focusout, blur, and everything and it just won't work well. .blur seems messed up on safari.

Has anyone run in to this?

EDIT: Example here -> http://jsfiddle.net/2xe59/5/

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