I'm creating a ruby gem and I've noticed that there doesn't seem to be (to my knowledge) a naming convention for gems. For example, I've seen both:

gem 'foo-bar'
gem 'foo_bar'

Is there some kind of definitive guide/convention for the naming of ruby gems?


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The dashed version is for extensions on other frameworks, like rspec-rails and the underscore is for part of the normal gem name and should be camelcased in your classes.

So if you have a gem named foo_bar, the class/module should be named FooBar. If that gem should have a rails extension which ships as a different gem, it should be called foo_bar-rails and the module should be called FooBar::Rails and it should be required as require "foo_bar/rails"

This convention is also what Bundler tries to require.

Admittedly, this convention is not always followed. jquery_rails should actually be jquery-rails and factory_girl_rails should be called factory_girl-rails. But hey, not everything is perfect.

RubyGems convention docs:


Turns out that this is answered pretty clearly and succinctly in the rubygems docs: http://guides.rubygems.org/name-your-gem/

(This may be a recent doc addition because I recall searching for this info in the past and not finding it.)


The one advantage is the convention of collapsing foo_bar into module or class FooBar as far as autoloaders go. foo-bar doesn't have a default equivalent.

Generally the underscore version is preferable from a require perspective, but the dashed version does come across as more readable so it tends to get used often.

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    The dashed version is more readable‽ It looks completely wrong to me, in what language can identifiers have dashes in them?
    – Nemo157
    Jan 22, 2012 at 9:15
  • @Nemo157 - e.i. in CLIPS. I used to program in it and having dashes in identifiers was a nice thing to have. You did not need to press <SHIFT+"-"> to get "_" and you could write something like: purple-cow_painter-module, cat_painter-module (I used _ to more separate things than -) Feb 15, 2012 at 11:16

In a recommendation of @svenfuchs:

  • underscore => camelized
  • hyphen => name::space


But it's true that I still see non-coherence behaviors like:

gem 'my_gem`, :require => 'my-gem'


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