What is the workflow involved in Login with Facebook on WordPress ?

I understand that this question has been asked several times, but none of the previous threads have the answer I'm looking for.

I have a working knowledge of OAuth 2.0 that Facebook currently uses and I'm familiar with the WordPress API. What I need to know is how does one use the data they get from the OAuth 2.0 to implement a register/login function in WordPress.

Is there a function to "log in" a user if the email id is provided ? Or to register a user based on the email id, first name, last name, etc.

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wp_create_user take username password and email, to create a new user,

Instead if you want to get it by email you can use get_user_by

You can find more at the users and authors section of wordpress codex

  • how do I login a user if I have username and password ?
    – aghoshx
    Jan 23, 2012 at 19:06
  • 1
    you can use wp_signon passing the credentials. Worpress codex under user & authors section have everything well written with examples :)
    – user980085
    Jan 25, 2012 at 5:15

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