I need to scale up my ActiveMQ solution so I have defined a network of brokers. I'm tring to figure out how to connect my producers and consumers to the cluster.

does each producer has to be connected to a single broker (with the failover uri for availability)? in this case how can I guarentry the distribution of traffic accross the brokers? do I need to configure the producers to connect each to a diffrent broker?

should I apply the same schema for the consumers?

This makes the application aware of the cluster topology, which I hope can be avoided by a discent cluster

Tx Tomer


I strongly suggest you carefully read through the documentation from activemq.apache.org on clustering ActiveMQ. There are a lot of very helpful tips.

From what you have written I suggest you pay special attention to this. At the bottom of the page it details how you can control from server side the failover/failback configuration for your producers.

For example:

updateClusterClients - if true pass information to connected clients about changes in the topology of the broker cluster

rebalanceClusterClients - if true, connected clients will be asked to rebalance across a cluster of brokers when a new broker joins the network of brokers

updateURIsURL - A URL (or path to a local file) to a text file containing a comma separated list of URIs to use for reconnect in the case of failure

In a production active system then I would think that making use of updateURIsURL would make it a lot less painful scaling out.

  • It seems that the updateClusterClients and rebalanceClusterClients are not working for me as you can see in stackoverflow.com/questions/9062352 any help will be appritiated – Tomer Jan 31 '12 at 13:19

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