I'd like to learn Emacs, and was wondering if anyone had any good resources (free or otherwise) to recommend. I'm mostly interested in programming Emacs, starting from the basics, and lots of "exercises". I have used Emacs and most of its editing features, although I'm a bit rusty so a very quick refresher on that would be useful as well.


Edit: Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have a look and update with what I liked...


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  1. GNU Emacs manual
  2. GNU Emacs lisp reference
  3. emacswiki
  • The Emacs Lisp reference is a good start. May 22, 2009 at 23:34

Programming in Emacs Lisp (Second Edition) - free online book


One thing to bear in mind is that all emacs configuration is programming.

PlanetEmacsen is a good RSS feed with lots of tips.

Xah Lee although he is apparently considered a bad troll, has some great emacs programming stuff.

Also whenever there's a function or keyboard shortcut you're not sure of, try C-h f and C-h k respectively, then follow the link to the source code for that command.

For exercises, Lair of the DustBunny did a very long series on rewriting python mode from scratch.

You could also try writing the PLEAC elisp section. That's a very good way to compare elisp to your favourite language.


Emacs itself includes a tutorial with exercises that guides you through the basic features and editing commands. You can find it in the Menu under 'Help' or by pressing C-h t (i.e. press Control and 'h' together and then 't' alone).

  • Yeah, I know the tutorial. Unfortunately, it's only about editing and working with files, without any elisp. May 29, 2009 at 2:45

Last week I purchased this Peepcode screencast and really liked it. It walks you through the basic features (editing, loading saving, buffers) but also dives into some advances topics, like programming emacs lisp:



Definitely the best book about Emacs is Bob Glickstein's "Writing GNU Emacs Extensions".

Really informative. Really good examples. And, for a technical book a pleasure to read. It is one of the best computer books I have. (Thereunder are such treasures like my "VIC-20 Technical Manual" from 1982 :-)

Some PDFs are available online, but for the full fun I suggest purchasing a hard-copy.


Emacs's own help system is your friend --- ask Emacs. Learn the main C-h keys and apropos.

These too can help:

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