I would like to change my email signature depending on which domain I am emailing.

If I am emailing internally (my company's domain) use a short signature. If at least one recipient is external use a long signature.

I am guessing I need to intercept some sort of "Send" event and then iterate through the recipients.


I wouldn't make it complicated with a macro. Add different signatures, name them, and then the fastest way to insert signatures is to use the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Under Outlook 2003 or earlier (no ribbon): [Alt] i + S, then select a signature.
  • Under Outlook 2007 or later (ribbon):
    • Either do [Alt] N + AS, then select a signature.
    • Or first add the signature button to the Quick Access Toolbar (just do a right-click on button and Add). Then you can use [Alt] + 1, and select a signature.

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