I want to run my Selenium HTML Test Suite through Jenkins (a continuous integration). The following shows, how the build is configured for the current project:

This is my current Jenkins configuration for the concerned project

And here's the console output after commiting a new test for example:

ERROR: The suiteFile is not a file or an url ! Check your build configuration.
Build step 'SeleniumHQ htmlSuite Run' changed build result to FAILURE
Build step 'SeleniumHQ htmlSuite Run' marked build as failure 
Publishing Selenium report...
Finished: FAILURE

In fact, I get these log issues even after committing both extensionless test files AND .html files.

  • Have you tried naming a single .html suite file? If you have multiple suites, presumably you can either add multiple SeleniumHQ build steps to your job, or combine all suites into a single .html file. – Christopher Orr Jan 23 '12 at 18:59

SeleniumHQ Jenkins plugin supports only ONE suite file per build step. Try out Selunit to run Selenese suites in batch and across multiple browsers. This tutorial shows hot to setup the test execution in Jenkins/Hudson.


Your suiteFile is written with wildcard as: tests/selenium/*.html. I think it is wrong. You need to provide the exact/absolute path to your suite without the wildcard as below:


  • Yes, it needs to write the absolute path of HTML Suite file – Ripon Al Wasim Feb 14 '13 at 4:31

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