How can i cat a remote file? Where it works for local file only.

# for i in $(cat /var/tmp/localfileworks.txt);
for i in $(cat http://localhost/1/downloads.txt);
        echo $i;
        # if [[ $i =~ $regex ]]; then
        #echo ${BASH_REMATCH[1]}

cat: http://localhost/1/downloads.txt: No such file or directory

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Instead of cat, which reads a file from the file-system, use wget -O- -q, which reads a document over HTTP and writes it to standard output:

for i in $(wget -O- -q http://localhost/1/downloads.txt)

(The -O... option means "write to the specified file", where - is standard output; the -q option means "quiet", and disables lots of logging that would otherwise go to standard error.)


You can use curl:

curl http://localhost/1/downloads.txt

Why are you using a URL to copy from the local machine? Can't you just cat directly from the file?

If you are doing this from a remote machine and not localhost, then as far as I know you can't pass a URL to cat.

I would try something like this:

scp username@hostname:/filepath/downloads.txt /dev/stdout

As someone else mentioned you could also use wget instead of scp.

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