Could someone help me write a simple Greasemonkey script that allows it to search for a string of text on one website and then simply color it red?

For example, say a site had the words, "Normal Healthy (R11-0902 Gr 9)" ... could we program this script to make all instances of this turn red? I would edit the script often to add additional strings to turn red.

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Following code will highlight all the Greasmonkey in this page.

document.body.innerHTML= document.body.innerHTML.replace(/Greasemonkey/g, function(m){
    return '<span style="background-color:yellow">'+m+'</span>'

In your case the pattern would be something like /\w+ \w+ \(\w\d\d-\d{4} \w\w \d\)/. This will only work if your format of the word (Normal Healthy (R11-0902 Gr 9)) is consistent.

Other formats can be,

  1. /\w+ \w+\([^\)]+\)/
  2. /\w+ \w+\([^\s\w\d]+\)/
  • Thank you, this has helped a lot! I am attempting to expand your script to make it more powerful here:… - Please feel free to take a look, I would really appreciate it! – WebMW Jan 24 '12 at 6:58
  • This is a really bad idea. Changing the whole page's innerHTML (!!!) will trash event handlers. Also, when "Greasemonkey" inevitably changes to something real, you will get the nightmare of mixing regex and HTML/JS. – Brock Adams Jan 24 '12 at 7:14
  • Well if you or anyone has any suggestions for the link I posted in my last comment, I'm all ears and do appreciate your advice. – WebMW Jan 24 '12 at 17:07

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