I am scraping a document and have 2 different arrays: the titles and the links. I am using array_push() to store each item in their own array. I scrape 2 different documents for the same arrays. I would like afterwards the 2 arrays to be compared and for any matching titles to have 2 different links associated with the same title. This way I can display

title1: source 1, source 2

title2: source 1, source 2.

is this possible?

  • Show your code will be quick to understand what you ask? – xdazz Jan 24 '12 at 6:09

This will combine your arrays into a title => link format, where link may be an array if multiple sources were found. This is a very simplistic approach, you could get more advanced by comparing case-insensitively and making sure that $link is only adding unique entries to the combined array.

$array1 = array_combine($titles1, $links1);
$array2 = array_combine($titles2, $links2);

foreach ($array2 as $title => $link) {
    if (isset($array1[$title])) {
        $array1[$title] = array($array1[$title], $link);
    } else {
        $array1[$title] = $link;
  • exactly what i was trying to do, knew there had to be a way, just didnt know how! – cwal Jan 24 '12 at 6:28

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