I'm getting pretty frustrated with this, and hope the community can help me out.

I have a string, an example would be "1_ks_Males", another example would be "12_ks_Females".

What I need to do is write a method that extract's each value. So from the first example I'd want something like this:

1 ks Males

In separate variables.

I'm sure I'm just being incredibly thick, but I just can't get it!

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Simply use string.Split('_'). With your input strings it will return a string array with three elements.


You can use Split function for String. Something like this

var split =  "1_ks_Males".Split('_');
var first = split[0];
var second = split[1];
var third = split[2];

You just need to use split:

var exampleString = "1_ks_Males";
var split = exampleString.split("_");

var first= split[0]; // 1
var second = split[1]; // ks
var third = split[2]; // Males
string[] array =  "1_ks_Males".Split('_');

var values = "1_ks_Males".Split('_');
// values[0]: 1
// values[1]: ks
// values[2]: Males

How about this?

var data = myString.Split("_");
var value = data[0];
var @type = data[1];
var gender = data[2];

use String.Split which returns an array of values

var values = "12_ks_Females".split("_");
// values[0] == "12"
// values[1] == "ks"
// values[2] == "Females"

You could use split -

var s = "1_ks_Males";
string[] values = s.Split('_');

Your values will then be contained in the `values' array -

var firstvalue = values[0];
var secondvalue = values[1];
var thirdvalue = values[2];

You'll want to look into the String.Split method of the String class. Here's the MSDN link.

Basically, if all of your strings have the values that you require separated by a consistent character (in your example, this is an underscore character), you can use the Split method which will split a single string into an array of new strings based upon a specific separator.

For example:

string s = "1_ks_Males";
string[] v = s.Split('_');

would output:


You should use the String.Split method.

Like: string[] splitParts = "1_ks_Males".Split('_');


This should do the trick:

var values = myString.Split('_');
var splitVar =  "1_ks_Males".Split('_');
var firstVar = splitVar[0];
var secondVar = splitVar[1];
var thirdVar = splitVar[2];
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Use Split function of the string for it:

var variables = "1_ks_Males".Split(new char[]{'_'}, StringSplitOptions.IgnoreEmpty);

Now variables[0] == "1", variables[1] == "ks", and variables[2] == "Males"


You can use Split function provided by String. Read more about it @ MSDN

var data = "1_ks_Males".Split('_');

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