Using WebGrid from MVC 3 how do i specify the name of the control when rendered i.e. the id of the table when rendered??

var someGrid = new WebGrid(source: Model.Users, defaultSort: "Name", rowsPerPage: 50);

At the moment when rendered as a table it is displaying as

<table class="grid">

with no id set, i want to access this table using jQuery id selector but cant. Any help appreciated.

What i want is <table id="someIDWhichIset">

Thanks Niall


when you're rendering your table is when you give it the id. @someGrid.GetHtml(htmlAttributes: new {id ="someIDWhichIset"}, columns: ....

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    @NBrowne This answer is exactly what you have asked for, please accept this answer. – Pomster Jul 17 '13 at 8:42

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