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I think I know the answer (I'm S.O.L.), but I thought I'd post the question anyway to see if anyone has any advice.

We have a website with cities on it. We're trying use cookies to 'remember' the current/last city the user has visited, but we're not getting the behavior we want. The cookie is always delayed 1 page (common pitfall listed here:

Let's say you go to the URL: Then, you go to the URL:

A cookie is set, before the < head > like this:

$location = 'Chicago';
setcookie("location", $cookie_loc, time()+31536000, "/"); 

The cookie is retrieved down on the page like this:

if(isset($_COOKIE["location"])) {
  echo 'Current City '.$_COOKIE["location"] ;
} else {
  echo 'Current City: none';

However, on the 'Chicago' page, it is showing the 'Dallas' cookie that was set, even though the new cookie is set to 'Chicago'

Obviously, the cookie is being pulled down before it has been reset.

Is there a known way to correct this so that the cookie set by going to a page is also obtainable without refreshing the page?

My gut says no, but it's such a common issue I thought maybe...


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Why do you need to use a cookie to get the current city? You already have the city in the variable $location. – PeeHaa Jan 24 '12 at 19:19
As a side note, why store it in a cookie? Store it in session – Mikhail Jan 24 '12 at 19:22

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If you set a cookie in a page, it won't be obviously available in that page. But if you set a location in that page, you can retrieve it from that variable!

if (!isset($location) && isset($_COOKIE["location"]))
    $location = $_COOKIE["location"];

echo 'Current City '. $location;

If the $location variable isn't set at the beginning, then it gets retrieved from the cookies, otherwise the code uses that one. :)

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Good workaround, thanks. – Kevin Jan 24 '12 at 22:12

Why don't you also set the $_COOKIE variable whenever you call setcookie ?

$location = 'Chicago';
setcookie("location", $cookie_loc, time()+31536000, "/"); 
$_COOKIE['location'] = $location; // not sure what $cookie_loc is
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You can just set it in the superglobal yourself:

$cookie_loc = 'Chicago';
setcookie("location", $cookie_loc, time()+31536000, "/"); 
$_COOKIE['location'] = $cookie_loc;
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In your case you could also use some JavaScript code to set your cookie before the page loads

<a href="./probably_same_php_page.php" onclick="document.cookie='location=' + this.innerHTML">Chicago</a>
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