Is this the right way to define a composite key for a class:

class Item {
  long id;
  String sellerID;
  // ... other fields follow

because I want the pair (id, sellerID) to be unique, not just id on its own.

Thus in the app engine datastore I need an entity which incorporates both fields somehow into a key (for instance separating them with a dash and concatenating them) but I am not sure about how to go about instructing app engine to do so via JDO or even via the low-level API.


The easiest way here is to use KeyFactory and to use a single Key that you generate each time:


Create a String Key and concatenate the two fields. Creating two @PrimaryKey annotations will not work - treat App Engine as close to a key-value store as possible. I really like Jeff Schnitzer's explanation here about how to think of the datastore as a HashMap/Dictionary:


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