I have a very simple query: select * from tbl1 where title not in('asdasd', 'asdasd').

How do I translate that to Django? It's like I want the opposite of: Table.objects.filter(title__in=myListOfTitles)


try using exclude

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    This does not work with related fields. Negating the is not the same as not in. For example Publisher.objects.filter(book__author__in=XXX). – Alex Rothberg May 29 '15 at 20:41
  • Maybe you should do it step by step then. Here is a line from an application of mine : User.objects.exclude(id__in=Group.objects.get(id=kwargs['group_id']).user_ids.all()) which returns all the users that are not in the group which has group_id as id. – lbris Jan 28 at 10:08

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