Freshly installed xcode 4.2 on snow leopard and my system profile reads:

Version: 4.2 (4C199) Location: /Developer

Applications: Xcode: 4.2 (828) Instruments: 4.2 (4233) Dashcode: 3.0.2 (336)

SDKs: Mac OS X: 10.6: (10K549) iPhone OS: 5.0: (9A334) iPhone Simulator: 5.0: (9A334)

My apps work fine on the device but not on the simulator. Message on the xcode reads "Running on iPhone 5.0 simulator" but simulator's status is "Application not responding". I even tried reinstalling xcode/sdk (--mode=all) but no luck.

I'm sure the problem is not with the app because the simulator doesnt respond even when I start it directly without xcode.

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