( Using the Zip operator in Reactive Extensions (Rx) )

Combining Stream Pairs into One without Timeout

        var xyZipped = xStream.Zip(yStream, (x, y) =>
            Debug.WriteLine("Latest Pair Has Arrived");
            return new List<SomeType> { x, y };
  • But how could you introduce a maximum allowed time interval between the two values in each stream, so that if the inter-value interval is exceeded then no value would be output from xyZipped

  • And if too long passes between the two values then pairing should be reset as well i.e. for another pairing to occur after a timeout a new value should be produced in each of the streams (not just one).

  • Or would it be better to use a different operator / implementation to achieve this kind of stream logic?


You can just use Rx combinators. Since, your primary aim is Zip, let's start with Zip, and then apply your expiry conditions.

public static IObservable<TOut> ZipWithExpiry<TLeft, TRight, TOut>(
                    IObservable<TLeft> left, 
                    IObservable<TRight> right, 
                    Func<TLeft, TRight, TOut> selector, 
                    TimeSpan validity)
            return Observable.Zip(left.Timestamp(), right.Timestamp(), (l, r) => Tuple.Create(l, r))
                             .Where(tuple => Math.Abs((tuple.Item1.Timestamp - tuple.Item2.Timestamp).TotalSeconds) < validity.TotalSeconds)
                             .Select(tuple => selector(tuple.Item1.Value, tuple.Item2.Value));

If you want to check the adjacent values in a stream, you can rewrite it using TimeInterval operator instead of Timestamp.

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    Thanks for providing a solution! Turned out i needed CombineLatest instead of Zip for my purposes, so below is a slightly modified extension method that tested good for me: public static IObservable<TOut> CombineWithExpiry<TLeft, TRight, TOut>(this IObservable<TLeft> left, IObservable<TRight> right, Func<TLeft, TRight, TOut> selector, TimeSpan validity) – Cel Jan 26 '12 at 12:13
  • { return left.Timestamp().CombineLatest(right.Timestamp(), Tuple.Create) .Where(tuple => (tuple.Item1.Timestamp - tuple.Item2.Timestamp).Duration().TotalMilliseconds < validity.TotalMilliseconds) .Select(tuple => selector(tuple.Item1.Value, tuple.Item2.Value)); } – Cel Jan 26 '12 at 12:14
  • @Cel Great! I didn't know what exactly you meant by interval between values, so I took it for the interval between two successive values. Still, it's good you found your solution. – Asti Jan 26 '12 at 18:39

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