Does any one know how to connect to MySQL 5.1 with Visual Studio 2010?

I have already tried the MySQL Connector/ODBC route and it got me really nasty results. The table rows were all listed as a view in the views section and nothing at all was listed in the tables or procedures folder.

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To get the Entity Frame working with VS2010, I had to do the following:

  1. This only worked with Mysql .net Connector v6.3.1 (alpha). Previous versions ignored VS 2010 (click Development Releases)
  2. I had to rename my Framework\v1.1.4322\CONFIG folder. Otherwise the install will fail. Rename it back when finished

(I've blogged about this here)

Update 6.3.2 is in beta and I can confirm this works. (I didn't need to rename the framework folder)

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    +1: This worked for me. The other approach about deleting empty config dirs didn't work for me. – Jimmy May 8 '10 at 19:57
  • I can only see 6.3.2 beta on the site now, and it will not install with the CONFIG directory renamed. I also tried renaming the v2 CONFIG dir, but Windows wouldn't let me do it. Still looking for a MySQL connector for VS2010 that works (and is free). – DaveN59 Jun 10 '10 at 16:18
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    Correct URL for the 6.3 beta version (6.3.2 appears to be the current version) – Matthew Perron Jul 6 '10 at 14:45

this seems to solve the issue


Update: looks like there is already a non-beta!!!!

As someone else suggests..

..fixes the problem.

I had v6.2.3 installed after I had vs2010 installed and the MySQL driver was not shown in the list of the Database Connect dialog. I wrongly assumed I should use the .NET ODBC drivers instead and it caused all sorts of problems. Although I could easily connect to the DB using codebehind, the server explorer wouldn't connect to the DB.

Luckily after uninstalling 6.2.3 and installing 6.3.0 (from the link above) the MySQL driver was added to VS2010, and I was able to connect to the database and see it in my server explorer.

  • Worked for me, Thanks. – Kevin Jul 20 '10 at 4:01

  • I got this to work, see my answer below – Christian Payne May 14 '10 at 9:51

I was able to get this to work by doing the following:

My Environment:

  • Development Box -- Win7 64bit, VS2010 Pro
  • Deployment Box -- Win2k8 svr with IIS7 running ASP.NET .Net 2.0/3.0/3.5 sp which is hosted at DiscountAsp.Net (Note: DiscountAsp.Net does not provide a MySQL DB when running on a Win2k8 svr, I'm using a MySQL DB that I connect to elsewhere on the InterWebs)

Steps I took:

  1. Installed MySql.Data, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c5687fc88969c44d
  2. Ref'd the .Net 2.0 version of the MySQL assembly in my ASP.NET MVC2 Web project set to target .Net 3.5 (the path for the MySQL assemblies I used was C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Connector Net 6.3.6\Assemblies\v2.0)
  3. I ref'd all 3 of the MySQL assemblies (MySql.Data.dll, MySql.Data.Entity.dll & MySql.Web.dll)
  4. I marked each of those assemblies as "Copy Local=True" in my project (a.k.a bin deployment)
  5. Added a MySQL DB connection string to my Project (using the MySQL provider)
  6. Added an ADO.NET Entity Data Model to my project in VS2010 using the connections string
  7. VS2010 took about 30 secs to chew thru my MySQL DB schema but then provided me with a beautiful GUI interface to tweak my MVC Models
  8. Used the DB Entities in my MVC controllers
  9. Deployed the app to my hosted server at DiscountAsp.Net

It works like a charm :)

  • DiscountAsp.Net has since added support for hosting MySQL DBs. Its available as a fee based add-on (but very reasonably priced). – Al Dass Mar 8 '11 at 17:15

Erm... through code? Or do you mean the server explorer add-in? Have you tried the latest (albeit GPL-ed) connector version for .NET from Mysql themselves? Again, it's GPL-ed so be aware of the consequences of using that for your own software.

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    i'm lazy. i was hoping to do this through the server explorer addin. i have tried the .net connector and visual studio 2010 doesn't seem to pick it up. there is something wrong with the installation methinks. – jake May 23 '09 at 13:38

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is busted for DDEX providers. They are auto promoting a VS 2008 assembly from 9.0 to 10.0 and it fails. The failure has to do with the fact that a .NET 2 assembly cannot load a .NET 4 assembly.

This worked in beta 1, so it is something they broke.

I even went back and tried the reference DDEX provider from the SDK. It won't load in VS 2010 beta 2 either. That tells me they have something that needs to be fixed.

When is the next beta?

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