When I was using a Linux laptop as my dev machine, I used to do "gedit xxxx" in a Terminal. Now I just switched to MacBook, I d like to do the same thing.

I know that I can open gedit in a command line like "open gedit", but can I add the file name? Otherwise I have to use vim. I am not a fan of vim.

  • not a fan of vim!? blashpemy! – jx12345 Oct 18 '17 at 20:01


alias gedit="open -a gedit"

to ~/.bash_profile :

Now you'll be able to gedit directly from the command line.

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    Not exactly the same, because in Linux you can do gedit nonexisting_file, whereas Mac's open will say file does not exist. – ChronoTrigger Mar 6 '14 at 16:34


open -a /path/to/gedit /path/to/file.txt
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  • just perfect... this should be way up – Matee Gojra Jan 13 at 6:56

I added the following to my PATH:


and afterwards I was able to access gedit from the command line. One caveat: if gedit is not already running on the system, then it throws an error if I launch it from the command line. Once gedit is already running though, this works to open files in gedit from the command line.

To edit the path, open ~/.profile in an editor

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I use textmate for dev, here is a tutorial how it is done for Textmate


I believe the same would apply to gedit.

Hope it helps

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