I have customized UIButton with the following properties:

  1. 84x44 frame
  2. 84x44 background image
  3. 32*32 image that should be centered

but my image is always aligned to the left. How can I align it back to center position on the UIButton?

I have a title on my button that is hidden (clearColor). These titles are key_value in a dictionary so I know which button is pressed and return corresponding value in the dictionary. I now understand that it's these text that is pushing my image sideway, but how do I fix that?

Under attribute inspector, there is a tap named Edge, set to Image. I set left value as 22 and all image align to center. Can someone explain to me how this works?


Check that your titleLabel is blank - if it has text, it will push the image to the left to make room for the titleLabel on the right.

  • Absolutely this. Strange and unintuitive that adding an Image to the UIButton changes my (previously Blue) text to White. White text was hidden on the White button, so I wasn't able to see the text that was pushing the image out of center. – pkamb Sep 6 '16 at 23:58
  • 2
    Thanks. Worked for me too. But one extra piece of advice for the new Xcoders: you have to backspace out the title AND hit return. I wondered why this didn't work the 1st time - that was why. – user3741598 Dec 16 '17 at 20:41

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