I have my fonts set in my style.css:

font-family: "Arial, Verdana, sans-serif";

But my website still seems to use sans serif. What is the problem here?

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The commas in your CSS font-family specification need to be outside the quotes.

For example:

font-family: "Arial", "Verdana", sans-serif; /* And you should really 
omit the quotes if it's only one word */


font-family: "Arial, Verdana, sans-serif";

Otherwise, the CSS parser thinks you're looking for a font called "Arial, Verdana, sans-serif", which clearly doesn't exist.

  • Right, that's why I said "you should really omit the quotes if it's only one word." Commented May 23, 2009 at 18:27

Try removing your "" from the font-family definition:

font-family: tahoma, sans-serif;

Like that. Only put the " around when you have multiple words such as

font-family: "mutiple word font name",tahoma, sans-serif;     

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