LEFT JOIN schools ON (bt.MidSchool LIKE schools.Name OR **%schools.Name% LIKE bt.ElmSchool**) WHERE ...

This is the portion of my SELECT that I have problems with.

I would like to find if the string in column schools.Name exist in column bt.ElmSchool

When I add % before and after the column name %schools.Name% I get a syntax error. if I use '%schools.Name%' the query is perform but it's looking for the column name instead of its value. I have tried escaping but didnt work. any idea??

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  LEFT JOIN schools ON bt.MidSchool LIKE schools.Name 
                       OR bt.ElmSchool LIKE '%' + schools.Name + '%'
  • Thanks Michael, i've tried it but it doesn't work....i don't get the value in column schools.Name....i get OR '%' + sc.Name + '%' LIKE bt.ElmSchool in my query which doesnt yield the needed result...
    – O B
    Commented Jan 27, 2012 at 2:31

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