While working with just one associated repository, I was quite used to reference changesets in my Trac tickets using the changeset keyword and the commit's SHA1 hash like this:


which would give me an hyperlink to the corresponding changeset.

Now I'm working on a project where the same Trac environment (version 0.12) has multiple git repositories associated with it and no one is - and shouldn't be - the default, so the above syntax doesn't work anymore.

Can anyone please help me figuring out how to refer to a changeset in a specific repository?

Thank you!

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If your repository is named repo, you can link to the changeset with [changeset:af54b6d/repo].


I am using subversion, but asuming git changeset links work the sam way, you should use repo:changeset:af54b6d, where you must define repo in the [intertrac] section of the trac.ini. See also InterTrac

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    Thanks for your answer Wimmel, this intertrac facility will really help referring to elements in other projects, which is something I do sometimes too. The syntax repo:changeset:af54b6d though would point to the Trac environment repo, not to the version control repository, which belongs to the same Trac environment I'm working at - I suppose that intertrac wouldn't be needed in this case.
    – Claudio
    Jan 30, 2012 at 12:36

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