I'm currently setting up an image-upload cropping sequence.

The application requires an enforced minimum size, however this results in awkward JCrop behavior:

  • Clicking without dragging produces nothing.
  • Clicking & slightly dragging produces instantly a selection of the minimum height.

One potential solution would solve the above problems:

  • Interface opens with a default selection.
  • The selection cannot be de-selected.

JCrop has built-in functionality for a default selection, however I haven't yet identified a built-in configuration / behavior to prevent deselection.

Attempts so far -

I've tried this route

$.Jcrop.defaults.onRelease = function(e) {

I've also tried modifying the plugin's source in several places, in order to short-circuit the functions which (perhaps) carry out the de-selection, by returning at the opening of these function definitions:

doneSelect Selection.release Selection.done

...without the desired result.

Any tips?


Set allowSelect: false, for details check: https://github.com/tapmodo/Jcrop/issues/5#issuecomment-1801926.


allowSelect option is available now


As I wasn't able to find a feasible modification for jCrop to prevent de-selection, I went with the YUI ImageCropper instead, which ships with both of the necessary features.


I saw this on GitHub and it helps.

    onSelect : updateCoords,
                bgColor : 'transparent',
                bgOpacity : .2,
                setSelect : [ 0, 0, 700, 300 ],
                minSize : [700, 300],
                allowSelect : false,
                onRelease : releaseCheck

function releaseCheck() {
    this.setOptions({ setSelect: [0,0,700,300] });


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