Using DMD 2.057, I cannot get the following code to compile:

import std.stdio;

import std.array;

enum direction

string getDescriptionOnConnect(direction d)
    string descriptionOnConnect = "Going in direction %dir%";
    foreach(s; __traits(allMembers, direction))
        if (identifier(d) == s)
            descriptionOnConnect = 
                replace(descriptionOnConnect, "%dir%", identifier(d)); 

    return descriptionOnConnect;

int main(string[] argv)
   return 0;

I get the error Error: undefined identifier identifier, although this keyword is clearly defined in the documentation at http://www.d-programming-language.org/traits.html#identifier. I also tried __identifier, but I got the same error. Has this not been implemented yet?


identifier is an argument to __traits just like allMembers (as are all the others on that page).

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    in other words use __traits(identifier, d) – ratchet freak Jan 27 '12 at 18:39

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