I tried to clone one of my object today, but it seems that its not working like in documentation.

In my console I'm doing:

u = User.find 1
nu = u.clone
   => false 
  NoMethodError: undefined method `new?' for #<User:0x007fbf137b8278>

So it looks like cloned object is just a duplicate, because it has the same Id like old one, but according to documentation, it should be new object?


Returns a clone of the resource that hasn’t been assigned an id yet and is treated as a new resource.

ryan = Person.find(1)

not_ryan = ryan.clone

not_ryan.new? # => true

  • I tried the exact same sequence in the console and new_record? returned true. – klochner Jan 27 '12 at 20:22
  • Seems like it was removed from rails > 3.0.9 – Johny Jan 27 '12 at 20:31

According to the docs is deprecated since Rails 2.3.8 and has probably been removed since. So in fact you are calling Object#clone which used to call ActiveRecord::Base#initialize_copy which was removed in Rails 3.0.9.

Use dup instead.


This is an ugly gotcha for upgraders: calling 'clone' won't throw an error or anything - it'll just return the original model. So any code you wrote that's supposed to duplicate some model and make modifications to the new copy will instead silently modify the original!

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