I installed MySql5.5 and set password during installation but when I try to use mysql from windows command prompt, I have get the error:

access denied for user 'odbc'@'localhost' to database password = 'YES'

I would like to change it back into "root@localhost" as well as to reset the password but I can't log in mysql.

How do I login to mysql with root?


You're trying to use the mysql interactive shell? You can specify usernames at the command line:

c:\> mysql -u root -p


-u = specify username
-p = prompt for password
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I fixed this by implementing a little hacky solution. Downloaded hxd (hex editor) and searched for 'ODBC' (there should only be one match) and just changed it to 'root'.

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You are logging into mysql with a default no-rights user, you have to login as root if you want to do everything:

C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\bin>mysql.exe -u root -p
Enter Password: *****

If you never specified a root password it should be blank, if you did, you have to remember what it was, or find out how to reset the root password.

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