Is there a way to add a context-param programmatically? I don't want to add in the web-xml. Specifically I want to do what the answer in this post suggests: Invoking methods with parameters by EL in JSF 1.2.


Yes it is possible.

In the servlet's init method, use

getServletConfig().getServletContext().setInitParameter("[Parameter name]", "[value]");

OR simply

getServletContext().setInitParameter("[Parameter name]", "[value]");

This must do the trick for you.

For the application load,

In web.xml, when you declare this servlet, provide <load-on-startpup> element as 1 for this servlet.

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    This approach will however not guarantee that the API which needs the context parameter in question will read it after it is programmatically been set. – BalusC Jan 28 '12 at 5:07
  • It will because the programmer knows the first servlet that will be loaded in the application and in that servlet, init parameters will be set. – Ravindra Gullapalli Jan 28 '12 at 7:02
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    Some APIs (like JSF!) use ServletContextListener or ServletContainerInitializer to initialize the API and they run long before the first Servlet is created. – BalusC Jan 28 '12 at 15:33
  • So maybe a ServletContextListener or the other is the best place to set init parameters? – Jaime Hablutzel Apr 5 '14 at 6:16
  • By the way setInitParameter seems to be only available from Servlet 3.0 onwards – Jaime Hablutzel Apr 6 '14 at 1:52

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