I have uninstalled the old XAMPP and deleted all of the content of d:\xampp folder and installed the new one. When I copy my backup folder (with the name of my database, containing all .frm and .opt files) to the D:\xampp\mysql\data, the database shows in the list in phpmyadmin but it has no tables and data. What I've done wrong?


Here's how I dealt with this kind of situation:

  1. Stop the Apache and MySql services from xampp control panel.
  2. Back up (just in case), then delete the data folder from your new xampp installation folder <physical_drive>/xampp/mysql.

    (The data folder contains the schema/table definitions (.frm files) for your tables.)

  3. Copy the data folder from your previous xampp folder (or the backup) under mysql and paste it to the new location (i.e. <physical_drive>/xampp/mysql).
  4. Now start the Apache and MySql services from the xampp control panel.

There you go, the tables should show up with their structures as you click on them.

Note: Make sure you leave the bin folder under your xampp installation folder untouched.

  • I had previously just trying to copy the individual folders that contained the tables I wanted which didn't work, I can confirm copying the entire data folder did the trick. – James Bubb Mar 16 '18 at 10:53
  • Thanks. You saved my life – sam nikzad Apr 26 '18 at 12:25
  • It was best and easiest way – Madan Raj Jul 10 '19 at 10:11
  • That didn't work for me either, that link did the trick stackoverflow.com/questions/42944259/… – Irfan Ahmed Oct 31 '19 at 15:27
  • also needed to copy phpmyadmin folder from old xampp to new, if using php7+x version – Rohit Chauhan Apr 28 '20 at 14:24

It is possible, I found out a solution:

  1. Install new xampp
  2. Copy your old database folder from xampp\mysql\data\databasefolder to Paste in your running xampp folder
  3. After that stop mysql and apache service then backup your running xampp files ib_logfile0,ib_logfile1 and ibdata1 and store in safe place
  4. Then Copy same file (ib_logfile0,ib_logfile1 and ibdata1) from old xampp\mysql\data\ and paste in your running xampp server C:\xampp\mysql\data\
  5. Start mysql and apache service Open CMD Fire command C:\xampp\mysql\bin>mysqldump -u dbusername -p dbpassword dbname>D:\exportdb.sql
  6. stop mysql and apache service and restore your main ib_logfile0,ib_logfile1 and ibdata1 file (check Step 3)
  7. after than again start service and open http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and import database backup from D:\exportdb.sql Now your backup is working :)
  1. Copy your all old databases from old to newly installed Xampp under this dir


  1. Copy these below files from new xampp (C:\xampp\mysql\data) and keep back up

ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1 and ibdata1

  1. Similarly copy and replace ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1 and ibdata1 from old xampp to new xampp

  2. If previous Db has crushed or error like mysqld.exe has stopped working use below 2 lines inside my.ini file of mysql


innodb_force_recovery = 2


  1. Restart Apache and MYSQL and go to PHPMyadmin to export your previous database.
  2. finally replace your back up ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1 and ibdata1 that was taken bakup previously

Set datadir = "D:\xampp\mysql\data" in xampp/mysql/bin/my.ini


I ran into the same problem. I had all my projects in mysql which I lost somehow.

mysql under my old xampp had got deleted/uninstalled somehow. I did not even have the data folder to copy to new xampp location.

I browsed through the folders and found mysql/data and mysql/backup in below location.



This is what I did.

I copied both these folders in place of new xampp mysql/data and mysql/backup folders.

I also copied other files (not folders) under /mysql from old xampp to new xampp /mysql.

Stop new xampp mysql and apache servers if running. Restart.

Viola I got all the lost databases back.

Hope this helps.


I have found a solution for this. I Installed new XAMPP and Replace old bin folder in Apache and mysql folders in old XAMPP with new folders from newly Installed Xampp I have recoverd all my data.


I just copied the data folder from the mysql folder inside the xampp folder structure and paste it in the same structure in my new installation, Everything is working fine now.


I found this searching for the way to recover my XAMPP databases in Ubuntu. The question is obviously for a Windows system, but I think this might be of help since this was the only good search result.

For a standard installation in /opt/lampp/. You can recover the databases from the folder /opt/lampp/var/mysql/ if you have a backup of the whole lampp installation. (You might consider to add the mysql folder to your backup system, if you haven't.)

  1. Make sure, MySQL is not running.
  2. Copy the above folder to a new XAMPP installation.
  3. Make sure the owner is mysql.
  4. Start MySQL.

Your old databases should be accessible again.


I've searched a lot. There's a few other files that are needed for recovery. I think it's impossible to recover tables from the .frm files alone. I've re-created my database.

  • Which were the other files needed is the most important point here – Simone Jun 8 '18 at 5:11
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    you really think your answer must be the accepted one instead the other ones? – Leandro Feb 28 '19 at 18:57

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