Maybe somebody can advise what tool, approach, reference I can use to achieve the following goals for a large web application when it comes to JavaScript: reusability, bundling, unit testing, many developers, stuff like that. For example I've checked out browserify tool but there's practically no documentation, no book nothing.

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Static Code Analysis:

JSLint, Google Closure Tools

JavaScript code checking beyond JSLint

Unit Testing:


JavaScript unit test tools for TDD

Bundling and Putting It Altogether

Java Based Builds - Wro4j - handles a lot of common web based tools such as JsHint, CssLint, JsMin, Google Closure compressor, YUI Compressor, UglifyJs, Dojo Shrinksafe, Css Variables Support, JSON Compression, Less, Sass, CoffeeScript...

PHP Based Builds - What's your all-in-one web resource optimizer?

Multi-developer Environments

Source control - SVN or Git.

Project Tracking Tools, Colloboration Tools, Development Tools - See Atlassian Products (JIRA, Confluence, ...)

Continuous Integration Software - E.g Hudson

  • +1 nice and comprehensive, re. code checking I would add jshint, re. testing have just watched this jsdev intro more info here
    – T I
    Commented Jan 28, 2012 at 19:40

Try require.js for the reusability and bundling parts.

About unit testing there are a lot of tools out there and from what I see, it's linked to which ones you already uses and what/how you will test.


I'm going to be short because I'm in a hurry, but you should definitely use a versioning system (such as git, svn, hg) and you could also use yeoman because it has integrated build, testing and much more useful automated tasks.

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