In my project's .hgignore, I want to exclude /static/ (i.e., the static folder at the root of the directory), but not /templates/static/. How would I configure .hgignore to allow this?

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    What have you tried? Have you tried something like syntax:regexp with ^/static/.*? – mathematical.coffee Jan 29 '12 at 5:50
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    Can this be done with glob? – user Jun 30 '13 at 12:57
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    @buffer No. According to the manpage, a glob cannot be rooted. But you can switch between syntaxes within the .hgignore. – Christoffer Lette Sep 14 '15 at 12:24
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    If you're using glob syntax by default in your .hgignore, you can use re:^static/ to ignore the static folder only in your repo root. – Vijay Varadan Apr 3 '17 at 19:50

You can include syntax: regexp at the beginning of .hgignore and then use perl regex syntax to root a directory by using ^. So just ^static should do the work.

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    I would change that to ^static/, otherwise it will ignore all directories whose name starts with static, which may cause confusion down the road. – Laurens Holst Jan 30 '12 at 9:51
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    If your .hgignore is in glob syntax you can just put syntax: regexp and syntex: glob before and after the line ^static/. Apparently it's allowed to switch between syntaxes. See manpage: "The chosen syntax stays in effect when parsing all patterns that follow, until another syntax is selected." – Christoffer Lette Sep 14 '15 at 12:18

As of Mercurial 4.9, you can use syntax: rootglob to insert rooted glob patterns.

New rootglob: filename pattern for a glob that is rooted at the root of the repository. See hg help patterns and hg help hgignore for details

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